Thursday, January 28, 2010

3. Lessons from Positano

I mentioned how my love of villages started with a visit to Positano by my parents. Since then I did of course visit there myself and was not disappointed.

Positano's natural beauty simply takes ones breath away; the sea, the sky, the mountains, the simple terraced houses and of course, the bougainvillea!

What makes this so very place special? The amazing views and ever changing mood visible from every corner. The natural setting of a town is its most impressive characteristic. Just think of the world's most beautiful cities, Rio de Janiero, Cape Town and Hong Kong. Positano is a delicate venacular masterpiece set in a dazzling setting.

Positano is built like an amphitheater such as this one in Arles, France.
Terraced houses all look down, focussed on a stage that is made up of the church piazza, fishing harbour, beach and the sea and boats beyond. People  love to watch life in action. No one in Positano is excluded from being in touch the daily performance of work and leisure down below. Every villager is a part of the activities from a window or porch of his or her hillside home.

1. When choosing a site to build on, nothing beats natural beauty.
2. Design buildings to form curved terraces so that people can look down on a "stage" of social activities.

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1.Amalfitana, 2.Alessandro Staffiero,3.Chapps,4.Raniero Tazzi,5.Ita26b,6.Marcus,7.Amalfitana,8.http2007.

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